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wedding is a ceremony where two people are united through marriage. Wedding traditions and customs change according to cultures, religions, ethnic groups, countries, and social class. Majority of wedding ceremonies include two people exchanging wedding vows by presentations of gifts, offerings, rings, symbolic items, money or even flowers. There are a few other things commonly incorporated into a wedding ceremony such as poetry, music, readings or prayers said by the priest for the couple.

Once a couple gets engaged they take on the stressful task of planning the wedding ceremony. They face questions such as where to have the ceremony. Planning a wedding is no easy task and finding the answers for the questions that are asked are just as difficult. Considering all the excitement that will come with planning your wedding, it is very hard to select the ideal place which will tell the story of your fairy tale.

Picture a venue with a red carpet that leads you into a magnificent chapel, with stunning wooden benches, lead-glass windows to paint the interior with an array of beautiful colours, and to add to the fantasy-an everlasting feeling of love and romance. Picture the castle surrounded by water, you enter over a wooden drawbridge, and your friends and family are served an exclusive feast. It paints a picture of a perfect day! A wedding venue is not just a setting, it is place where everlasting memories are made.

Camelotte Wedding Venue allows you to experience an amazing day with your friends and family. The venue can accommodate 200 guests- there is enough room for everyone! What are you waiting for? Set a date, let your imagination take over, and look forward to a life filled with memories with your significant other.

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